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Damien Burke, founder

I want to …

Kickstart My Idea

I have an idea and a dream to turn that idea into a product and business.

I am ready to make that dream into a reality, to build my product, build my business, and build my new life.

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Accelerate My Team

I have a product in development but making improvements and changes is slow or expensive and when I finally do get them it turns out they are not what my customers need.

I am ready to make a change so I can quickly and efficiently deliver what my customers want.

Level Up


My Ruby Style

Make your Ruby style beautiful.

Use a Ruby Linter

Make your Ruby style consistent.

Switch to UUIDs

Database keys that can't be guessed, don't overflow, and don't leak information.

Configure Generators

Make the Rails generators generate the code you want. No more, no less.

Add RSpec::Its

Make it easier to test object attributes.

Switch to RSpec

Use a clear and expressive testing framework.

Switch to Sass

Make your cascading style sheets easier to work with.

Switch to HAML

Make your HTML templates easier to work with.

Remove Gem Version Specifiers

Make it easy to continuously keep your libraries up to date.

Switch to PostgreSQL

Switch over to a production-ready database.

Adopt a Code of Conduct

Ensure a safe and welcoming environment by adopting a code of conduct.

Add a License

If your code is open source, make sure people know.

Pairs File

Accurately record changes made while pairing by adding multiple authors to your commits.

No Git Masters

Remove problematic language from your Git setup.

Git Initialization

Use version control to make changes with confidence.

The Rails New Command

Creating a brand new Rails application.

Ruby Version Management

Use the right version of Ruby for the job.

The Annotated Guide to a New Rails Application

A guide to make working with your Rails application more productive and joyful.

Small Steps Forward

Improving your product and business in small incremental steps.

VAB: The Voom Acronym Ban

Better communication through words.

Make Your Specs Into Stories

Use the power of narrative to make your tests easier to understand.

Types of Specifications

The five types of specifics present in all software projects

Specifications Not Tests

Stop writing tests and start writing specifications.


Manifesting Your Greatness as an Owner of Technology - Even If You're New To Tech

Tech and Startups

Damien joins Alex Salinsky in offering an innovator guidance in creating his first technology product. How do you find your role as a leader on a technical team even if you're not technical?

Bad Code with Damien Burke

Greater Than Code

In episode 200, Damien Burke comes back on the podcast to talk about "good code" vs "bad code", his background in hypnosis, doing things the easy way, and distinctions between teaching and learning.

A New Way for Leaders to Measure Software Development Work

Tech and Startups

Since the dawn of the computer, we have wondered how should we measure our development success without disenfranchising our developers.

Grow from Engineer to Engineering Coach

Tech and Startups

This software engineer is working to expand his career to coaching and training. Damien Burke and Alex Salinsky are here to help!

Going Off the Rails with Damien Burke

Greater Than Code

Damien Burke talks about life being hard: How do we make things easy?

Also: treating expertise as transferable to different fields, loving yourself unconditionally, his background in theater and applying it to tech, and "ontological coaching."

Hiring for Diversity and Creating Welcoming Atmosphere to Grow Your Team

Tech And Startups

A panel of tech leaders and diversity experts talk about the real life dilemmas around growing your team in a way that welcomes diversity of background, experience, and thought.

In Front of a Crowd

Storytime with Managers

Damien Burke, founder of Talaria Software, talks with host Jennifer Tu about how to build rapport and comfort with a crowd.

Going Remote

Storytime with Managers

Damien Burke, founder of Talaria Software, talks with host Jennifer Tu about his experiences transitioning a software team to remote work.

Build Software.

Delight Customers.

Software is a means to an end. Your real goals are to delight your customers, grow your business, and make people's lives better. Building software is only valuable when it helps you do those things.

In order to do that you need to your software to adapt quickly to changes in your environment and in your understanding. And you need to do that in a way that is sustainable because you are in this for the long haul.

Build Quickly

Develop your products rapidly in order to get to market faster and find product-market fit sooner.

Build Efficiently

Save time and money with sustainable practices that ensure you can keep moving forward at a steady pace.

Delight Customers

Create products that your customers will love through continual, sustainable feedback and adjustment.

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